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Pinar P3000Pinar P3000: Genuine Cuban Cigars, 100% Product of Cuba

Pre-Embargo Cubans---100% Cuban Tobacco (filler, binder & wrapper) - 100% Product of Cuba. These cigars are rolled entirely of Cuban tobacco, certified by their seal as imported legally, prior to the establishment of restrictions on trade with the Republic of Cuba. The finished cigars have been re-imported and distributed with the full permission of the U.S. Dept. of Treasury: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.

The flavor is deep, rich and complex, but with over 40 years of aging on the tobacco, it is also incredibly smooth and easy smoking.



Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection VIII

"Vintage years are very special years to the makers of fine premium cigars as well as vintners of superior quality wines.

In a vintage year, the quality of certain choice tobacco leaves surpasses those grades required for the finest premium cigars. However, a vintage year yields relatively few bales of this superior tobacco.

With this in mind, we have created the magnificent MACANUDO VINTAGE CABINET SELECTION

These elegant cigars are handmade from select vintage tobaccos. They have been slowly aged in rooms of Spanish cedar until their tobaccos were completely "married." This prolonged maturing and an uncompromising standard of excellence in hand-craftsmanship make Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection a classic among the finest available premium cigars.

Naturally, there can only be a very limited supply of these magnificent cigars. With a sense of pride, Macanudo offers them to cigar connoisseurs who will savor and appreciate the enjoyment to be found in this finest expression of the cigar maker's art.

Montego y Cia"

Seaway has a large humidor with a fine selection of cigars.  Some names you may recognize are:

Arturo Fuente
Cuban Rejects
Don Tomas: Classico Coronitas, Classico Robusto, Maduro Robusto, Presidente
Excalibur Miniatures
Romeo y Julieta 1875
Macanudo: Ascots, Crystal, Hampton Court, Miniatures,Portofino, Prince Philip Café
Maker's Mark
Monte Cristo
Partagas: #6, #10, Sabrosos
We also carry a selection of pipe tobacco and small cigars.
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